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  • Glasses of the day
    Join us every day of the week as we showcase our pick of "Glasses of the Week..." Which are your Favorites? Read more
  • It's difficult trying to concentrate
    It's difficult trying to concentrate when everything you look at is blurry! Keep your prescription updated and make a habit of wearing your glasses or contact lenses when needed! Read more
  • Come see us before your next DMV visit
    If street signs are looking a little more blurry these days, it may be time to update your prescription before it becomes hazardous! Come see us before your next DMV Read more
    Tips for Applying Eye Makeup SafelyArticle provided by College of OptometryAmericans spend billions of dollars each year on cosmetics. While we’re busy trying to look our best, we often forget (or Read more
  • The Largest Recorded Eye Belongs to.....
    Wow! We're not sure our equipment could handle a colossal squid's eye exam, lol! Read more