Product Information

Ahrens Valley Eyeworks offers Unique Eyewear collections


We offer a personalized approach to fitting and choosing eyewear for our clients. We provide this in a relaxed, yet exciting environment. We stock several different collections of Eyewear to choose from. We offer this wide range of frame designs and materials to accommodate every budget and lifestyle application.

By attending quarterly Continuing Education courses and annual Vision Expos, AVE  brings to Monroe, the most current advances in Lens technologies, and shares collections of Fine Eyewear and Fashion from around the world. Eyewear inclusive of vibrant colors, designs and materials, will accommodate all lifestyle directions. These ingredients come together to provide each individual, their own distinctive look and style.

Everyone that owns an eyewear collection, should always include, both your everyday set, and a set to accommodate other vision needs that round out your busy lives. . . Like footwear, clothing, and other various needs that we depend on from day to day, your eyes are no exception. Glasses for Driving, Outdoor sports and every other vision need can be designed appropriately and proprietarily, for all that life throws at you.

We carry:
Modo, Jai Kudo, Tura, Cazal, Prodesign, Marchon, Silhouette, Flexon, Addidas, FendiTEKA , Silhoam153JungleMenizziJones NYICUMax, ,and more

Specialty Eyewear

Computer glasses have lenses that are specially- designed to maximize your vision at the intermediate and close-up distances you use during computer work. Computer specific eyewear will give you the best correction for these distances and help reduce eyestrain, and the other common symptoms of CVS. We carry some great choices in both single lens, and progressive designs. Reading and Hobbies are proprietary tasks that require a set of lenses to be custom designed to bring in to focus the object that is being addressed. Most often, a set of single vision reading lenses will work well for many common hobbies. For those that require a particular focal point to view extremely fine detail, we offer many options to accommodate these needs.

Driving glasses come in two different categories: Sunglasses designed specifically for driving and clear prescription driving glasses. Many sunglasses that are made for driving, feature Polarized lenses to reduce glare and special tints to enhance contrast levels for safer, more comfortable vision on the road. For Night driving, your lenses should include a multi layer Glare free coating or (AR) to reduce the glare from street lights, and oncoming headlights. The glare free coatings are a wonderful technology of today. Contact Lenses Another great option of vision enhancement. We carry all the current lens designs from single vision to multi focals in both Soft disposables and Gas permeables. Contacts are a great alternate to glasses for contact sport activities, and for an occasional break from eyewear.



We carry most major sunglass lines and many of these manufacturers are Rx adaptable, this means your eyeglass prescription can be custom designed to fit the frames of your choice. Many outdoor activities involve both the importance of UV protection, clarity and glare reduction. To protect the eyes and slow down the onset of cataracts, and macular degeneration, we recommend polarization for most extreme environments. These lenses include 100% UV protection. The addition of a back surface anti-glare coating will further enhance the elimination of glare. We will be glad to help you make the right choice for your specific outdoor activities. We also offer many other options.

Sports Vision

Ahrens Valley Eyeworks specializes in Sports Vision. Our great selection will provide the best vision and protection to enjoy our Great Northwest. Richard is an avid fisherman, and also enjoys motorcycling, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. Both he and his wife are outdoor sports enthusiasts and enjoy, kayaking, rafting, water skiing, jet skiing, downhill skiing, hiking and boating.

Sports Eyewear is categorized as Leisure sport specific eyewear; those that enhance performance while improving visual clarity, and Contact sports specific; in which they also provide protection to your eyes from injury. The contact sport frames that we provide, are made of impact resistant materials, the lenses are made of polycarbonate, and many of these designs often provide a comfortable wrap to follow the face front. From impact sports to leisure, we can provide a wonderful fit for all your edgy adventures.

We carry:
Serengeti, Bolle , RayBan , Persol, Wiley X, Rec Specs, and others and of course.
Most manufacturers we carry, are Rx adaptable. (Your prescription can be custom made to fit these styles).
We also carry an assortment of Eyeglass accessories. Including custom eyeglass holders “made to order”!